First Bike Meeting with XT2

This season has been a great learning curve so far with the amazing Fuji XT2, Having been so used to Canon it was time to change and make photography interesting again. Shooting the annual visit of the British Superbike Championship at Knockhill with Fuji XT2 had brought some new learning experiences.

 Shooting bikes is very different from shooting cars, It requires a different technique and the approach to shooting bikes to to capture action and pin sharp images. My Fuji lenses on my XT2 bodies are the amazing 100-400 which is an unreal lens and produces some of the most stunning images I have seen. Examples below of how good this epic lens shoots.

I am sure you will agree this is one spectacular lens with the detail and depth of field for such a large apature of 4.5-5.6 is stunning. It is by far my favourite lens to shoot with and its light enough to shoot hand held.

 The other lens I shoot with is the 50-140 f2.8, This lens is mind blowing how sharp it can be, The design and weight it is perfect to keep on your camera at all times. Panning shots with this lens are made simple with the small size, Doing some research into shooting bikes Pan shooting a technique that is less used than when shooting the car side of Motorsport but even that I like to get some panning shots in there just to show the ability of this outstanding equipment. Below are some examples from the 40-150.


Shooting the BSB is one of the highlights events of my season, Its always great to be in the paddock with these guys and the amazing talent and bravery and to shoot them with this amazing kit to capture the spectacular things they can do on a bike is brilliant.

  One again I am blown away with the kit and hopefully you enjoy the images I have put up. Again if your looking for any more information on the Fuji kit please ask. 

 Next up for me this weekend is the annual Silverstone Classic, Again a new test of the kit with the challenges of Silverstone are always interesting. I will share my views and news after the event. Keep up with my images on Facebook , CMC-Images and Instagram, @cmcimages.

Thanks for reading.