Shooting Motorsport with Fuji XT2

I have recently upgraded my camera equipment from a seasoned Canon Shooter for many years to a better (In my opinion) system, it was a tough decision over winter to make the decision but when I decided to sell all of my Canon equipment including my pride of  joy the Canon300mm f2.8, I decided to move to the Fuji XT2 system it was a huge step into the unknown for me.


  My decision was confirmed for two reasons, One - weight is a massive thing for me, The kit is incredible how light it is over the Canon equipment especially the 300mm f2.8 I was carrying round with me everywhere. I now have the same reach with 1/2 the weight and Two - The image quality is superb with fuji producing some of the best lenses I have ever used, Build quality and glass quality produces some of the sharpest image quality i have seen.

The image quality and detail shown in the image above shows the amazing clarity and dynamic range the fuji system has. 

The XT2 also shoots at an amazing 14fps meaning you will never miss that vital shot. There is one major bonus with the XT2 and that is dual memory SD card slots and with 2x San Disk 64GB Extreme cards the buffering is non existent and an eternal 128GB in both cameras.

One thing I love and its one step above the rest is the EVF (Electronic View Finder), What a difference it makes shooting especially when a group shot passes through the frame.

Setting the focus delay in the menu the camera will continue to track the selected focal point and won't jump to the passing car creating the arty scene above, The EVF works inside like a mini HD TV and gives an instant preview of what the image will look like, It will take some time for anyone looking to make the change from Canon or Nikon to get used to the new set up but once you know the system its second nature.

 I am not by any means telling anyone to run out and swap over your systems, I am simply putting an opinion out there. I have known people who haven't gotten on with the Fuji system and realised the mistake they made in changing. I have still to experience it shooting Bike racing and also at various circuits such as Silverstone but so far Donington, Knockhill and Croft have been successful for me and I will get the opportunity later in the season.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my opinion on the Fuji XT2 and if you are ever looking for more information on the system or maybe looking to make the big change then visit my work page and see some of my images from other events this season.