Moto Gp Silverstone

Where do i begin, I guess it can be fair to say this was the best weekend of the season so far. Can i start by saying thanks to Dorna and well done to Silverstone for you putting on an amazing Grand Prix. From Friday morning the whole signing on and arrival was smooth and effortless as expected from a huge venue like Silverstone.

So begins my 2019 British Moto GP, I arrived in time for FP1 which the excitement of the first hot lap from a Moto GP is always a special moment, The speed sound and the unbelievable talent of the top riders in the world is always a site to see, For the first practice session of the day i was on the inside of Copes corner, A long fast sweeping right hander for people who haven’t visited Silverstone before, For the Moto GP this is turn one. Every lap more and more commitment and more and more rear tyre slides, The smile lasts for the full 45 minute session. Below is a small gallery of images from FP1 shot on the Fuji XT2.

As you can see the its pretty simple to capture the speed of Cal Crutchlow, Maverick Vinalez and Pol Espargaro as the get on the power to head down towards the amazing Maggotts and Beckets section of the circuit.

The circuit was in amazing condition with the new surface and the bikes were handling it remarkably well and topping the time sheets on the Petronas Yamaha SRT was Fabio Quarteraro going under the lap record in the first session of the day.

After a long session it was time to cool off from the heat in the media centre and get some images sorted for my publications, No time to really rest i grabbed a monster energy drink and got on a photographer shuttle down to the Silverstone wing for FP2 which was amazing to have the whole place to myself and a deserted pit lane to walk round. Session starting i realised that i club corner was a fast loud and close place to capture these guys at full speed and lean, As the images below show its just mind blowing the angles some of the bikes get to on the Silverstone tarmac.

Stunning place to shoot Moto Gp bikes with huge variation in the area from low grass to fast pace with high lean angle. By the end of FP2 Fabio Quartararo once again topped the timing sheets with another incredible lap time. Not what anyone was expecting from the beginning of the weekend to see the Satellite team topping the timing sheets.

That brought day 1 to a close and what a way to end the day which for me had begun at 3:30am and by the time i was at my hotel it was 8pm so a very long day and it was worth every minute.


Waking up to a beautiful sunrise in the heart of the UK brought a huge smile to my face. i knew the day ahead was going to be amazing and i was not disappointed in any way. A stunning morning arriving at the circuit to a nice fresh coffee always makes me smile and FP3 was fast approaching, One of the best places to see the overall ability of a Moto GP bike is at the luffield complex opposite the BRDC building, The images are always spectacular and 2019 didn’t disappoint.

Things can get very arty at that part of the circuit and there was a close incident with Maverick Vinalez as he out braked himself and went straight into the gravel trap but keeping the bike on 2 wheels he managed to continue setting some really fast laptimes after the initial run off. Once again though it was that man Fabio Quartararo who topped the timing sheets and giving himself massive confidence as the all important FP4 and Qualifying approached.

After the morning sessions i opted to rest and have some lunch (VERY EXPENSIVE SILVERSTONE!!!!) a sandwich cost me over £5 not impressed. I was hungry and very warm with temps of around 29 degrees meant i needed a week earned monster energy drink to refuel for FP4 and Qualifying.

This is where things got interesting, FP4 was about to begin and i was informed by a source i could go into pitlane for practice sessions (I was Miss Informed) I decided Pitlane was where i wanted to go as i had never shot a session in the pits and to see the riders up close was a massive privilege but was a bit spoiled when i was approached by more than necessary security staff shepherding me out of the pit lane, All i needed was 1 guy to ask me to leave and i would have respected his choice, I told him i had been miss informed and i was leaving but to have 3 other guys follow me to the gate was a but intimidating if i am honest i have many years experience in the business and never have i had that happen. Anyway not to dampen my mood i went to grab a shuttle to where i wanted to go not to ruin FP4 with 20 minutes remaining before Qualifying, I asked the driver if he could take me in which he couldn’t as he was the media shuttle and not the Photographer shuttle (I KNOW RIGHT) I opted for the media room to cool off from the last 15 minutes and get ready for Qualifying which was fast approaching.

The build up to qualifying had started and excitement and electricity was growing i decided Pit entrance was my next place and this is one of theist places on the circuit, Its mega fast and pretty personal as the riders are on top of you every lap. Not a place for the faint of heart as its pretty intimidating when there staring into your eyes at over 150mph

For the first time of the weekend there was a change at the top of the timings, Marc Marques gets his 60th career pole position and Valentino Rossi gets himself back on the front row followed closely by Jack Miller on the Pramac Ducati which was a mega end to a very exciting qualifying session. The day ended with the press conference which is one of my favourite times of the weekend, To listen to the guys speak about there day is an amazing pleasure and even after 4 years of covering the event its still one of the best parts of the weekend.


Waking up on raceday was a great feeling, Sunshine and some amazing racing ahead for the day. I got to the circuit nice and early and walked passed the crowds to get to the empty media centre by myself for some breakfast and a frack Lillys coffee :), I arrived before a few of the other guys i know ( Jacob Ebrey and Greg Toth) which is always good to have other guys there to have a chat and a laugh with.

The afternoon ticked passed and it was time, Out i went into 32 degrees of summer sun to shoot the Moto3 race which was excellent to watch, Unfortunately John McPhee ended his weekend in 7th place overall after a strong start sitting in third for a while but was just out paces by the guys around him by the end of the race.

Its 13:00 and ITS TIME, Standing infant of the #VR46 grandstand on turn 1 the GP has arrived on the grid and the crowd was like a football crown, Supporting cheering and whistling, BOOOOM!!! A flurry of sound and there off and it went manic from there. Alex Rins has a bobble into turn 1 causing Fabio Quartararo to check up causing him to high side and Dovizioso flys over the top of him in a horrific fiery accident.

The race would have been insane had these two guys not crashed out, There two of the most reliable guys on the Moto GP grid and it left a gap between Marques, Rins in first and second to Rossi in third (Eventually finishing 4th) but as your all aware the winner by 0.013 was Alex Rins in the Ecstar Team Suzuki which was a mind blowing end to a spectacular weekend.

To sum up my weekend i was incredibly humbled but the weekend, It was one of the best weekends i have had trackside and i met and spoke to some great guys over the weekend. The journey home was a great time to reflect and i am hoping to keep the momentum of this season going and grow CMC-Images bigger and hopefully it will be a move into a job opportunity for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog post and please follow my social media by clicking on the buttons below and liking my work, As a small growing business it really means the world to hear your nice comments and support for my work. Its what keeps me going and makes me want to get better with every event i attend. Until next event people, Bye for now :)


#42 Alex Rins on the Ecstar Team Suzuki Moto GP

FUJI - WEC/ELMS At Silverstone

I am going to start with saying WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Absolutely brilliant. Loved every minute of it, Even when I was moaning about all the walking lol. Yes I am human and walking long ways was getting to me.

Anyway, What a weekend, Its my annual trek to Silverstone for the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series, Its always one of my headline weekends and a must visit for all motorsport fans, Especially to see the amazing machinery that takes part in this brilliant event.

 Arriving down mid morning on Friday I unfortunately missed the morning AM brief but not to worry it gave me time to relax and prepare for the afternoon action, After FIA Media rep Jeff Carter Fuji Ambassador ( finished with our safety brief it was time to break out the amazing XT-2 and get off out there to shoot some of the afternoon action.


Once again it was great to hear the roar of raw engines sounding like they should. It was all go from there with ELMS/WEC action to keep me entertained for the remainder of the day. First up I must say, To see the Toyota Gazoo Racing ( going through the Maggots/Becketts section at Silverstone will blow your mind. Throughout the practice sessions the most entertaining track action was from the sounds of the Factory Porsche cars in fact all of the porches through the weekend sounded spectacular, Once again the Chip Ganassi Racing Ford GT cars looked beautiful and its a pleasure to see these amazing cars driven so well.

With some amazing action during the sessions it was time to head back to the media room and sort out the images and as you can see I hog the desks a bit, I do like my space :)


Images downloaded onto the SSD it was time to get the editorial work started and sent away, I did have my very yummy sandwich to keep me occupied while I did the boring work HAHA.

Now its not often when I am around a circuit I will approach people as I like to keep a low profile get in and shoot and get out, I made an exception on Saturday and am I happy I did, I met with some guys from FujiFilm UK ( Carl - and I got the amazing opportunity to get my hands on the amazing all new Fuji XH-1 for the start of the ELMS Race. 


I was a happy boy as I walked away with this amazing piece of kit to shoot the start of the race. What an epic piece of kit it is, The EVF is a game changer, So clear and bright and so much bigger than the XT2, The shutter button is very responsive and will snap at the slightest of press.

The over all burning question I asked myself was, Could this replace my XT2 for the £££ well.... No if I am honest, Yes, The EVF is spectacular, Yes the grip is much more comfortable to hold over the slim XT2 but there is something charming about the size of the XT2 and with it basically being an XT2 on a fat gain who enjoys shooting video then I am happy to stick with what I have. 

I am in no way putting the XH1 down, I loved it and I loved the opportunity to shoot with it but I will wait for the XT-3 before I see about upgrading, 

P.S - John Rourke ( had the Fuji 200mm f2 all weekend and I didn't manage to get my hands on that, One day I will get the shot to see how that will stack up but until then I am happy with my set up.

All in all a brilliant weekend again with some amazing racing and great people, It would be a dream come true to be able to work in this environment as a full time job opportunity, I have proven my skill level, I just need the opportunity to come my way. Thank you to everyone who supports me and my pages I am grateful for every like and share. Be sure to stick around there is plenty more to come and I will not disappoint.

WEC Gallery -