Ford Ranger Photo Shoot.

With the limited time i have during the week there is nothing more i enjoy than to take a car to a stunning location and get my creative mind engaged. A few weeks ago i picked up a stunning Ford Ranger Wildtrak and took it out into the wilderness of the Scottish Borders Cheviot hills.

The rugged surroundings were perfect for the capabilities of this amazing all round 4x4 pick up truck. The bold Saber Orange colour was a stunning contrast agains the rolling landscape.

The cars amazing colour was bold enough to stand out against the stunning back drops i found around the area, The waterfall was the perfect subject to show off not just the great colour but also the superb performance of this brilliant truck, Around the location they have some amazing trees and abandoned subjects such as the truck which i thought was perfect to use as a backdrop to the modern Ranger.

It’s my passion to work with a Camera every day and to produce beautiful images. I am looking to grow my photography business and work with Manufactures and Brands to grow there products and advertising with an online platform. With my website and online presence if there is anyone looking for a freelance photographer to shoot there cars either for website or online advertising i am available on email on the contact me page.