FUJI - WEC/ELMS At Silverstone

I am going to start with saying WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Absolutely brilliant. Loved every minute of it, Even when I was moaning about all the walking lol. Yes I am human and walking long ways was getting to me.

Anyway, What a weekend, Its my annual trek to Silverstone for the FIA World Endurance Championship and European Le Mans Series, Its always one of my headline weekends and a must visit for all motorsport fans, Especially to see the amazing machinery that takes part in this brilliant event.

 Arriving down mid morning on Friday I unfortunately missed the morning AM brief but not to worry it gave me time to relax and prepare for the afternoon action, After FIA Media rep Jeff Carter Fuji Ambassador ( https://tinyurl.com/JcarterMaclean) finished with our safety brief it was time to break out the amazing XT-2 and get off out there to shoot some of the afternoon action.


Once again it was great to hear the roar of raw engines sounding like they should. It was all go from there with ELMS/WEC action to keep me entertained for the remainder of the day. First up I must say, To see the Toyota Gazoo Racing (https://twitter.com/Toyota_Hybrid) going through the Maggots/Becketts section at Silverstone will blow your mind. Throughout the practice sessions the most entertaining track action was from the sounds of the Factory Porsche cars in fact all of the porches through the weekend sounded spectacular, Once again the Chip Ganassi Racing Ford GT cars looked beautiful and its a pleasure to see these amazing cars driven so well.

With some amazing action during the sessions it was time to head back to the media room and sort out the images and as you can see I hog the desks a bit, I do like my space :)


Images downloaded onto the SSD it was time to get the editorial work started and sent away, I did have my very yummy sandwich to keep me occupied while I did the boring work HAHA.

Now its not often when I am around a circuit I will approach people as I like to keep a low profile get in and shoot and get out, I made an exception on Saturday and am I happy I did, I met with some guys from FujiFilm UK ( Carl - https://twitter.com/Carl_Hare) and I got the amazing opportunity to get my hands on the amazing all new Fuji XH-1 for the start of the ELMS Race. 


I was a happy boy as I walked away with this amazing piece of kit to shoot the start of the race. What an epic piece of kit it is, The EVF is a game changer, So clear and bright and so much bigger than the XT2, The shutter button is very responsive and will snap at the slightest of press.

The over all burning question I asked myself was, Could this replace my XT2 for the £££ well.... No if I am honest, Yes, The EVF is spectacular, Yes the grip is much more comfortable to hold over the slim XT2 but there is something charming about the size of the XT2 and with it basically being an XT2 on a fat gain who enjoys shooting video then I am happy to stick with what I have. 

I am in no way putting the XH1 down, I loved it and I loved the opportunity to shoot with it but I will wait for the XT-3 before I see about upgrading, 

P.S - John Rourke (https://twitter.com/AdrenalMedia) had the Fuji 200mm f2 all weekend and I didn't manage to get my hands on that, One day I will get the shot to see how that will stack up but until then I am happy with my set up.

All in all a brilliant weekend again with some amazing racing and great people, It would be a dream come true to be able to work in this environment as a full time job opportunity, I have proven my skill level, I just need the opportunity to come my way. Thank you to everyone who supports me and my pages I am grateful for every like and share. Be sure to stick around there is plenty more to come and I will not disappoint.

WEC Gallery - https://tinyurl.com/wecelmscmcimages